2020 — A year of empathy

A big year.

Meant for big changes.
The kind that takes you places.
After all, it was the start of a new decade.

Personally, I thought I’d have all my answers this year.
I’d named this year about knowing.

Yet here I am, at the close.
More questions than ever before.

Questioning it all.
From definitions [of productivity and strength].
To visions [of success and failure].
What does it look like — for me?

More questions.
The big one being,
What matters — to me.

What really matters to me?
One question. So many thoughts.

The answer, I’ve…

Leela: The world’s first digital-only fashion platform. Digital-only fashion comprises clothing and accessories that only exist virtually.

Earlier this year we published an opinion piece — State of Digital Fashion — intending to spotlight the growing popularity of virtual worlds and the role of digital-only fashion as a redemptive solution for the industry to steer into a phygital future.

Little did we know that the world was on the fast-track to a digital future, where virtual worlds were soon to become an everyday reality. Yet here we are in an unprecedented time, where everything we thought we knew needs to be rethought — and digital, in particular, can no longer be an afterthought.

Fashion at a Halt

As the whole world…


How do you hold it together
When your whole world seems to fall apart
And you barely have some mettle
Let alone any remnants of steel

You hold yourself together
With tape and glue and scraps
Any shard you can hold onto
Every fragment of your heart

Darkness is calling you
And you’ve never been more drawn
You romanticise it
Convince yourself
It’s what you want

Just let go and spiral
Free fall into its arms
Wouldn’t that be nice
If nothing else
It’s so easy to succumb

The tape and glue and scraps They aren’t enough Even a…

Being different

“Our acceptance rate is only 8%”.

The cold condensing tone of the admissions manager in Netflix’s latest series, Unorthodox, provoked a thought I had been continually feeling as I watched the episodes of this stunning take on conformities and subcultures I knew so little about.

We are instinctively wary of anything different — it makes us uncomfortable. We don’t know enough. Our brain cannot make sense of it just yet. An extreme discomfort can take over our body making us squeamish or shifty. And that makes us feel uncertain — on shaky grounds, vulnerable.

We feel an obligation to know…

Doing what we do best — Making positivity louder

In the past decade, the number of people who are working remotely/from home has increased by more than 140%. While this trend is on the rise and has obvious benefits for companies and employees (read productivity, flexibility, low overheads, less stress), working from home in these pandemic times feels like a necessary, albeit forced choice.

At Your Majesty (YM), remote working is not a new concept. In fact, it is quite the norm — from global clients in several time zones, to a flexible work-from-home and vacation policy, YM has always found creative ways to cater to the changing needs…

Image provided by The Fabricant, a digital fashion house.

The Age of Fluid Identities

We are living in a time where a whole generation [Z] sees no real distinction between the physical and digital worlds. As age-old constructs fall apart, this generation seeks more experiences to identify with — experiences that are not only memorable and shareable [on social media], but also an outlet to discover and express increasingly fluid identities.

Fashion has always been the predominant way of expressing one’s identity, but today that is no longer a guilt-free avenue. …

“It’s not too late to feel again. It will bring you back, as though you never left.”

As comfortable I am with vulnerability, I’m the opposite of that when it…

If I were a simple girl, I would be in a different world.

Blowing my own bubbles of bliss, I would be content being a boy’s miss.

But Ambition said,

“Is this what you want? A life of simple and calm?

When you can have New York City,

Why would you choose mediocrity?”

Full post on https://nishitat.com/2017/12/17/unlearning-my-truths/

I stay away from it, the one thing that breathes essence into my life

It’s the first signal, maybe the only one I need

My mind is clouded, overcast with the burden of thoughts — not unnecessary

They are trapped, I need to let them out — and not just on paper

That’s when I stay away from it, the one thing that breathes essence into my life — writing

Nishita Tamuly

Writer | Strategist

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